Chicken & Hoi Sin Noodles

Super simple Chinese meal, doable even when various body parts decide to misbehave (as long as you have a perch stool!) You could change this up any way you like, add beansprouts in when you combine chicken & noodles at the end & fry for a minute, or cook some mushrooms along with the chicken.

Serves 4

4 chicken breasts cut into 1inch pieces
Spray oil
Soy Sauce
1 cube frozen garlic
1 cube frozen ginger
1 teaspoon chinese five spice powder
3 blocks medium egg noodles
Hoisin sauce

Put noodles to boil as per pack instructions
Fry garlic & ginger in 2 squirts of spray oil until defrosted
Add five spice & cook for 1 minute
Add the chicken & fry on high heat until cooked through
Add soy sauce to taste (the more you use, the saltier the dish will be)
Drain noodles once cooked, add to chicken pan & stir through
Serve & drizzle with Hoisin sauce to taste

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