30 Second Italian Tomato Sauce (and the non cheat version)

Ok, so for years I used jars of italian sauces for any pasta dishes. You know the ones, they recently admitted you should use them no more than once a week. Scary. But spag bol, meatballs, lasagna, you name it, I’d use a jar of the stuff.

Then I met Mr W. And the look of horror on his face when he saw one in my cupboard was scary. So I was enlightened. Lets start with the easy peasy super quick 30 second sauce.

Serves 4

3 tins chopped tomatoes
Italian spices/Oregano/Marjoram
Tomato Puree
Pasata (optional)

In a large pan, combine & heat any combination of the above till it tastes nice.
Seriously, it’s that easy.

So if you’d like to do it from scratch, the long version:

8-10 tomatoes
Italian spices/Oregano/Marjoram
Tomato Puree
Pasata (optional)

Chop tomatoes, place in a large pan with water just covering them
Heat until they look like tins of tomatoes
Add any combination of the rest until it tastes nice.

If you’re not keen on the skins, you can remove them beforehand:
Place whole tomatoes in in a heat proof bowl
Pour over boiled water
Leave to soak for 5 minutes
The skins will now rub off with your fingers, then proceed as above

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