Lucky Me

Written on a particularly down day, in an effort to kick my own arse. It worked.

Lucky me, trying out all these new pill,
Surely one of them will be the cure for all ills?
I wonder what this little white one will do?
Oooh, those pink dancing cows are new….

When did my shoelaces become so damn tiring?
I think there’s an issue with my internal wiring!
Standing up brings forth some very strange sounds,
They come from me?? Well, I’ll be bound!

Man flu you say? Pah, piece of cake!
Try having every nerve ending ache!
I hide pain every day, don’t want you to see,
How hard living is. Yeah lucky me.

But wait
This body of mine, broken, pain growing,
Has been through a lot, but by fuck it’s still going!
It still lets me laugh, and love, and have fun,
And as each day ends I count the battles I’ve won

This body of mine, we have many rows,
Over the number of daily tasks it allows,
But it keeps me from taking my blessings for granted,
And rest times mean more seeds of mischief are planted!

I have so much to thank the world for,
So what if I’m slow, or my balance is poor!
I’m proud of life, of who I try to be,
So up yours, pain. Yeah, lucky me!

©Lauren Walker 2016

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