A message to those who seek to harm us, from a Mother

Last night your actions ripped families apart. You targeted the most innocent, the most vulnerable, and you hurt & killed them.

But you made a mistake. You underestimated our strength, and you crossed a line that will not be tolerated; you attacked our children.

In your hatred fuelled actions you sought to divide us, an attack on Muslims as much as on the people physically affected. You need others to hate, to attack, to blame. But we won’t. Hate doesn’t kill hate, love kills hate, and in the aftermath of your atrocious attack the love and strength was palpable, even watching over the internet. The free taxis, the open homes, the helpers, the volunteers, and the brave, selfless actions of every single one of the emergency services personnel, and every other person that ran towards the danger and not from it.

With every act of kindness, you lost the war you seek to start.

As a mother of a teenager who could easily have been at that concert, and has been at several others, I watched the horror unfold into the small hours, failing to comprehend the idea that parents had sent their children to an experience they should have remembered the rest of their lives, and never got them back. Those parents & families today are our focus, along with the injured and their families, and any others traumatised by your actions. Even as you ended lives, you weren’t important, they were. We do not care about you, we don’t even want to know your name. You are the most insignificant part of this tragedy.

Of course there will be those that will give you the hate you crave, but make no mistake, the love will drown them out. And by loving, and living, supporting, and caring, their voices, and yours, will be drowned out.

So for those, like myself, that watched in horror, and still watch as details & information changes & comes to light, a message:



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