12/3/17 – Today is a good day

Day 218



Yesterday the sun shone. We spent the day tidying the garden & planting bulbs. I was left with enough spoons to make bandannas for our cats. It was a good day.

Today the sun shone. I’ve planted some peas, and the smell of slow roasting  pork is wafting from the kitchen. The first washing of the year went on the line (and actually dried!) Today is also a good day.

The things we’ve achieved as a family this weekend are small. In the grand scheme of things incredibly unimportant.But to me they make the difference between a good day & a bad day. Things I once took for granted are now treasured and appreciated.

Mr W once told me that his health issues had made him a nicer person. I didn’t know him before he was ill, but I scoffed, insisting he had always been lovely. These days I understand what he meant. The person I am today has always been in there, it was just hidden under a blanket of ability. Ability to do whatever I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it.

So today I may not have done all I wanted, I may not have had all the spoons I needed, but I appreciate the things did do, and the spoons I did have. And that makes today a good day.


NB: We have new scales, and try as I might I cannot get them to tally with the old ones!


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