Dublin – A Tribute

Handsome, stubborn, devious, stoic, deadpan. Worlds greatest listener, furry therapist, carer of kittens. We miss him every day, but especially today. A year ago today he went to sleep. Not going to lie, tears have been close to the surface all day, but the memories & stories help.


My favourite Dublin story;

We’d been out for a couple of hours & left him in the house (not something we did very often until his later years when it caused him discomfort to get in & out of the car).

On our return he greeted us enthusiastically as always, big tail wags, happy face. The only thing missing was our present, he usually picked up the nearest thing to him to give us; shoes, slippers, remote control, on one occasion a bacon sandwich! This time however, no present.

About 30 seconds into his welcome home fusses he suddenly stands stock still, eyes widening. He drops to his hunkers and crawls, as quick as he can, to his bed behind an armchair. We watch, exchanging glances & puzzled looks. He comes out from behind the chair carrying the remains of last night’s tea, a whole turkey leg, and proceeds to crawl into the kitchen with the bone is his mouth & deposit it next to the kitchen bin (which he regularly raided to find titbits). This done, bollocking avoided, he canters back to us with a happy step & waggy tail! The manoeuvre worked, we were laughing so hard there now no way in hell we could possibly have told him off!

If someone had told me that story before I met Dublin, I’d have thought they were fibbing, or at the very least exaggerating. But on my life, that is exactly how it happened! I will never forget the look of “oh shit!” that was on his face when he realised the evidence of his binning session was still on his bed.

He was so very special, a proper part of the family, my first, and possibly last dog. My heart breaks and swells in equal measure today, with pride that I was blessed to be one of his humans, and the pain of not being able to give him one more love.

Sweet dreams handsome boy. See you on the Rainbow Bridge.


5 thoughts on “Dublin – A Tribute

  1. Lovely old boy Dubs. I never got to meet him in doggy person, but having seen so many photos and stories being shared by Mrs W, I felt like i almost knew him. This lovely boy was Facebook famous amongst the W family and friends and was a huge part of everyone’s life. Sadly missed 😥 but never forgotten ♡ xxx


  2. A lovely story and totally accurate. He was a remarkable dog. I could write a book on his escapades. He was neurotic. (wouldn’t cross metal foot bridges or walk on laminate flooring). As a labrador he didn’t swim. I mean he had webbed paws!! He was designed to swim but he didnt. He was gentle. Puppies babies kittens. He loved them all. Laughing and crying. Loved that boy. Dave x


  3. Thinking of you all, we know how difficult it is at times, still miss our Jess, buy the way love your blog, you should be proud love Paula xxx


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