19/12/16 – Day 130 -Christmas Spirit


Day 135


It’s under a week until Christmas, and we have never been so organised! Bit amazed actually, my efforts to not stress out have culminated in the most relaxed, prepared festive season I’ve ever had. All the presents were bought & wrapped nearly a week ago, and sorted under the tree! Apart from presents to each other, which we traditionally do on xmas eve. Even that’s been de-stressed this year, opting to do it over 2 days instead of just one.

Really feeling the spirit of the season, with my first ever real tree indoors, and snowballs on the go. Those first weeks after diagnosis were so alien & strange I would never have thought I could get into such a good place so soon, even if the weight loss is slowing down. I’m doing my usual zigzag up & down the scale – massively annoying but I’ll get there eventually!

The weird thing is a lot of my family seem to be doing the weight loss thing too – completely by coincidence! But it’s lovely to be able to discuss techniques & results. I was aiming for 49lb by xmas but my willpower is struggling with all the seasonal yumminess around! Must try harder!!


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