5/9/16 – Day 30 – Lucky


Day 30


I have new meds. First new heart meds for about 30 years and they came just in time to treat me. Exactly my diagnosis. Tbh that blows my mind a little, but it makes me happy too. So much of this journey has involved me being incredibly, ass clenchingly lucky. My heart could have given out at any point. I could have so easily got annoyed with being nagged (again) and dug my heels in about going to the docs with my “chest infection”. Mr W. could have given in to my MASSIVE girly hissy fit & let me come home from the hospital instead of being admitted. I was so very poorly, so much more than I ever acknowledged. Lucky to be here doesn’t cut it.

And now I feel fabulous. Until I try & do anything, then I feel sweaty, achy & out of breath. But the difference in my energy levels is massive, just need my heart to catch up now!


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