I’m Loz. I’m fat, but getting smaller. I have a dicky heart, but it’s getting better….

For anyone want to read it, this is my stuff. Thoughts, grumbles, passions, the odd poem, & maybe a geeky bit or two. I recommend reading the About Me page so it makes a bit more sense.

And because this blog is primarily to raise awareness (though I hope it raises a smile too), the information below is something everyone should know.


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20/04/18 – Lesson Learnt

The moral of the story is don’t be a nob like me, check your legs for pitting regularly. For none hearties, that means pressing your fingers on your ankle, and watch to see if the colour/depression springs back quickly or takes it’s time. If it take it’s time, you have more fluid in there than you should and action should be taken.

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